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Myrtle Beach, home of many golf courses. They are too numerous to mention here. I have listed 12 beautiful courses with just a little information on each of them. You can easily find a Myrtle Beach golf package to take a golfing vacation this summer. Here are the 12 courses that are located in either North or South Carolina.
The Pearl. There is a west course and an east course. Dan Maples designed The Pearl’s two championship courses that showcases the 900 acre marsh surroundings. These courses are open all year round. If offers a full service pro shop, golf lessons and a practice range. The Pearl Golf Links East finishes along the Calabash River and The Pearl West Golf Links is in Sunset Beach.
Thistle Golf Course. Located minutes north of the State line in Calabash, this new course offers a beautiful and challenging 27-hole layout that takes its name from an ancient Scottish golf society dating back to the 1800’s. The course has wind-swept fairways, large bentgrass greens with heather covered hillsides. This course was designed by Tim Cate and is highly recommended.It is situated in North Carolina.
Meadowlands Golf Club was named one of the “Top Ten Best New Golf Courses” by the North Carolina Magazine when it opened. The courses 7,054 yards are sculpted around pristine fresh water lakes and natural vegetation. It is designed by Willard Byrd. It is located in North Carolina.
Heather Glen Golf Course is situated on a 400 acre historic site which debuted in 1987. There are ancient oaks and pines on this Willard Byrd and Clyde Johnston designed course. Golf Digest named the Heather Glen Golf Course “Top 50 Public Courses in America” and “Top 5 in South Carolina”.
Barefoot Resort and Golf’s creek beds and natural areas frame the fairways that take you from the natural white sands of the Carolina Bays to beautiful views of the Atlantic intracoastal waterways. These four courses were designed by Greg Norman, Davis Love III, Tom Fazio and Pete Dye and is located in North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.
World Tour Golf Link’s 27 holes are inspired by some of the most famous layouts included Pine Valley, August National, and St. Andrews. There are on-site luxury condos and grand villas at World Tour. This golf course was voted 2004 International Public Course of the Year. The World Tour Golf Links is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Tiger’s Eye is rated 3rd Best on the Grand Stand in Golf Digest’s “America’s 100 Greatest Courses. Golfweek rates Tiger’s Eye 6th best in North Carolina and is a stunning combination of natural waste areas, wildflowers and native grasses. Carved from a virgin pine forest, you will find an island par 3 waterfall and 18 unforgettable signature golf holes. Located in North Carolina.
Black Bear Golf Course was designed by renowned architect Tom Jackson. This par 72 course features 23 lakes and runs through hardwood and pine trees. This course has been kept in excellent condition and is in a serene country setting with many mounds that require you to hit the fairways or else. This golf course is in South Carolina.
Burning Ridge Gold Club was recently designed with new cart paths and greens. It is designed by Gene Hamm and features rolling fairways, placid lakes and towering trees. The club sports a recently renovated clubhouse, pro shop, grill and expansive deck. This course is located in Conway, South Carolina.
Crow Creek Golf Club has become one of the most popular golfing destinations since opening in February 2000. Created by architect Rick Robbins, a former Jack Nicklaus design associate, Crow Creek features a scenic layout on developer Jerry McLamb’s 500 acre family homestead. The layout is more than 7,100 yards for low handicapped players that has regular tees and championship tees. This course is situated in Calabash, North Carolina.
Dunes Golf Club is one of the best known courses in the world. It continues to be rated the number 1 golf course in Myrtle Beach by Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golfweek. Former host to 6 Senior Tour Championships, Women’s US Open and finals PGA Tour Q-School is located in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.
Man O’ War Golf Course features large bentgrass greens, a practice range and a unique marina clubhouse. There is an 80 acre lake designed by world famous architect Dan Maples. This course is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
This is a short description of 12 courses in South and North Carolina. There are many more beautiful and challenging courses to check into. If you are thinking of taking a golfing vacation, consider one of the courses I have mentioned here.

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Hilton Head golf courses are clearly one of the island’s biggest attractions. The ocean setting, mild climate, sunny skies and remarkable scenery combine for a perfect golfing paradise. Year round golf is always available when you visit the Low Country.Why is Hilton Head Island renown for the best golf vacations? Hilton Head golf courses have consistently won accolades and awards from golfing fans and pros alike. The quality of the courses as meticulously maintained has the island once again listed among Golf Digest’s Top Ten resort destinations.As you golf Hilton Head Island you will find more than 20 uniquely different courses are waiting to welcome golfing enthusiasts of all levels. Of these courses there are always 5 Hilton Head Golf courses that are almost always listed among the US top 100 courses each year. For the best golf vacations in the Low Country you will definitely want to consider testing your skills at one of the following courses:• Harbour Town Golf Course
• Arthur Hills at Palmetto Hall
• Robert Trent Jones at Palmetto Dunes
• Old South Golf Course
• Heron Point Golf ClubAs you plan your Hilton Head golf vacation here are some interesting facts about some of the top courses on the Island:• Robert Trent Jones at Palmetto Dunes is a perennial favorite of golfers from across the country. It is widely considered to be one of the top 10 courses in the Southeastern US. The layout was designed by Jones and although it has been upgraded during the years the challenging layout is clearly that of this famous greens architect.• The Old South Golf Course enjoys a prestigious reputation among both residents and visitors. Designed by Clyde Johnston this course is a magnificent homage to nature. A round of golf will take you through some of the loveliest Low Country settings including forested areas and marshlands.• In addition to courses created by Robert Trent Jones there are other golfing greats that have put their own mark on Hilton Head golf courses. When you golf in the Low Country you can tee off on a course with a design influenced by George and Tom Fazio, Pete Dye, Jack Nicklaus, Fuzzy Zoeller, Arnold Palmer or Arthur Hills.• Harbour Town Golf Course is a definite stop on any Hilton Head golf vacation as it is one of the highest rated golf courses on the island and each year in April fans come to watch the action as the Verizon Heritage PGA tour here.• Arthur Hills at Palmetto Hall is considered to be one of the classic Hilton Head golf courses. The signature hole is widely respected as one of the most challenging on the island.• Female golf enthusiasts can enroll in clinics and courses that are featured at either the Island West Golf Club or Palmetto Dunes. These classes are designed to appeal to women and can help you take your game to the next level.• The Ocean Course and Heron Point Golf Club are located in the Sea Pines golf resort. This is an upgraded Pete Dye design featuring a total of 36 holes to play. The seaside setting is spectacular; and you can expect a surprising challenge and outstanding ocean view when you reach the signature 15th hole.

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Golf courses are more manicured and greens better than ever before in the history of golf. In other words, generally speaking golf courses are more receptive and setup to help your game.Golf clubs have improved remarkably in the last thirty years and they really are capable of hitting the ball with more forgiveness and distance.Golf balls come in all types to suit the individual golfers game whether you need more spin or more distance, golf ball technology has also gone through the roof in improvements. In fact Equipment in general got so good that the R & A and USGA decided to put the brakes on and stop manufacturers from making distance improvements.With modern high speed video cameras and incredible swing analysis software coaches have more tools now to inspect your swing mechanics with a fine tooth comb and show it to you in the smallest detail.There are more golf training aids available now than ever before and while a lot of them are pretty much rubbish there are some that are truly great innovations to help improve golf instruction.Modern Sport Psychology has also improved by leaps and bounds and we now have tools (or methods if you prefer) to make real positive leaps in thinking improvement and quickly. In fact some things (destructive thought patterns and beliefs) for which there was no quick intervention for years ago are now commonly eradicated in under an hour!So let us recap.Golf courses are more manicured and greens are generally in better condition.Golf clubs are far better, hitting it further and straighter.Golf balls go longer and straighter and there is a ball for all swings.Modern video and computer systems allow amazing swing analysis.More new and innovative training aids exist now.Sport Psychology has improved massively.Yet handicaps have remained pretty much unchanged for decades!Now if there is one thing I know it is this. If you keep getting the same results and you are happy with them, then keep doing the same thing. If you keep getting the same results and you are not happy about them, you better change what you are doing!Conventional coaching and thinking just is not working for the average golfer. Armed with better equipment and better coaching methods and tools they continue to get the same results that were achieved before all the advances. Could you argue that if everything has improved but handicaps are the same that in actual fact coaching has gone backwards? Is Coaching and what it is fixated on, worse now than it was thirty years ago? Well that is one possible answer.Perhaps the more we talk about improved equipment hitting it straighter and further and improved swing analysis, the more we are focussed on equipment and swing mechanics and not the true performer in golf. Your mind and the way it thinks and controls your game.Do you need to buy the latest driver so you can hit it further and straighter and play better golf? And then when you do buy it and your scores remain the same, it must be your swing so have some lessons on the mechanics, which for the vast number of golfers is a complete waste of time and money.Let me ask you a question or two.If the true way to play great golf is to get your mental game in good shape and to get really good at the short game, particularly chipping and putting which only requires one purchase of the necessary putter and wedges, how much money would you spend a year? Probably very little.If playing great golf requires a good short game and mental ability and most golfers decided to do this, how badly do you think the sales of clubs by the major marketing brands would be hit? Massively. They want you constantly buying the latest kit and spending fortunes on equipment that for the most part will do absolutely nothing for your game.Who do you think controls the golfing beliefs of virtually all golfers who are bombarded by billions of dollars worth of advertising all saying the same thing? Buy more gear that hits it further and straighter. Do they advise you to work with a qualified club maker, get the right kit in the first place and then just get really good at the short game and Mental Game of golf? No of course they don’t because they would go bust if you did that!What do you think the best players in the world have learnt to do? They have learnt that for ANYONE to play their best golf, regardless of handicap, you need to have properly fitted golf clubs and get a really good short game and work on your mental training. And by the way when I say properly fitted golf clubs I do not mean some local pro who is a certified custom fit centre for a big brand name either. I mean properly fitted by a qualified club maker.If you think that you are not good enough to have a club maker build you a set of clubs then think again. The worse you are at golf the more important it is to have clubs that will work with you and help you. If you are not good enough to hit certain clubs properly then a good club maker will be honest with you and only build you clubs that you are ready to use.Have some lessons on chipping and putting with a professional you like and get on with. Then practice the heck out of your short game and get really good at it. You don’t need to have all the fancy latest equipment either. Chipping and putting is more about feel and mental processes than anything else but get your wedges and putter made for you in the first place.Read books on the mental game or buy and listen to audio if that is more convenient and you are not a big reader. Have some lessons from a sport psychologist if you are really serious about fast progress and improvement but you can effectively learn Mental Game of Golf on your own using books and audio for very low cost.I know that when you have a long hard think about how bad the industry is at being honest with amateurs, that you will no longer be a victim of mass marketing programming to trap the amateur public into the never ending cycle of buying new equipment, looking for the mysterious magic club off the shelf.Break out, free yourself and learn The true way of golf.